Terms of Service

Introduction to Healper's Terms

1.1. These website service terms (hereinafter referred to as "Terms") apply to the entire content of the websites under the domain name Healper (Website) and any use, service, or correspondence facilitated or introduced through the website. Please read these terms and other guidelines on the website carefully before using this Website. If Clients (hereinafter referred to as "User") do not accept to be bound by these terms, they should not use this Website/access this Website. If Subcontractors of therapy (hereinafter referred to as "Therapist") do not accept to be bound by these terms, they should not use this Website/access this Website.

1.2. Healper ApS (hereinafter referred to as “Healper”) is a company registered in Denmark with registered company number DK41186822, whose registered office is at Bergthorasgade 8 st tv, 2300 Copenhagen S, Denmark.

1.3. Healper assists Users with the right treatment by one of Healper's Therapists. Users get an overview of relevant options within personal development and mental health and introduces the User to a matching platform where they can be matched with Healper therapists offering therapy and other counseling services. Should a satisfactory match not be made with a Healper Therapist, the User is referred to a therapist outside of Healper's services. Healper offers a secure therapeutic process where Users can find, contact, and communicate with Healper therapists via the Website. In these terms, 'therapists' means psychiatrists, psychologists, psychotherapists, and other licensed clinical workers.

1.4. When a User makes a reservation request, requests a call, or sends an email to one of Healper's Therapists on the Website, the communication must continue between them within Healper's terms. When Healper collects information through the initial contact between User and Therapist or the Website's chat function, these pieces of information are handled through a data processing agreement between Healper (data processor and controller) and its data processors (sub-processors).

1.5. All Healper customer service employees are bound by a confidentiality principle and will handle the given information with the utmost care given the sensitive nature of the information provided, which may contain private information about mental health.

1.6. Healper is dedicated to using good and secure technology to provide Users with a satisfactory system for confidential communication with Therapists and Healper. Healper uses SSL encryption to enhance security.

1.7. Access to some parts of the Website, counseling, or submission of information may be restricted for the User (a) if the User is a minor without verified consent from their parents or guardians; or (b) the User's location is in a country or state where legislation prohibits the use or participation; or (c) the User's location is in a country or state where legislation prohibits trading with companies domiciled in Denmark or its people. By accessing such sites on the Website, the User guarantees to Healper that the User (a) is of age (a person who has reached the age of maturity and is therefore considered independent, self-sufficient, and responsible and capable of entering into a contract and being legally bound by it); and (b) has the legal right to initiate the use of the material in a restricted area; and (c) in no way enables, allows, facilitates, or introduces minors or other persons to use areas on the Website that are restricted from doing so.

1.8. By accessing any part of this Website, the User indicates that they accept these terms. If the User does not accept these terms of use, the User must leave this Website immediately.

1.9. The User is responsible for making all necessary arrangements for them to have access to the Website. The User is also responsible for ensuring that all persons who access the Website through their account are aware of these terms, and that they comply with them.

1.10. Healper may revise these terms at any time by updating this post. Therefore, the User should regularly check this Website to review the current terms, as the current terms are binding on the User at any time.

2. Content and Articles

2.1. The content on the Website is provided only for general information purposes and is intended to be free but not in any way as a substitute for professional advice or treatment. The content should also not be relied upon for the diagnosis or treatment of a mental or medical condition. If the User seeks such advice or treatment, the User should consult a licensed physician. Persons with urgent medical issues should immediately seek medical attention and/or treatment from a practicing doctor or physician.

2.2. If the User is considering self-harm or contemplating suicide or feels that the User may be a danger to themselves or others, the User should immediately call a national emergency number, notify the police, or contact emergency medical services.

2.3. Statements expressed on the Website are solely the opinions of Therapists or other authors of such material posted or displayed on the Website. Healper does not endorse any information, material, or opinion that may be communicated and published on the Website.

2.4. The use of information on the Website is solely at the User's own risk, and Healper assumes no liability or responsibility for damages, personal injuries, or property resulting from the use of information or material of any kind provided on the Website.

3. Therapists and Interactive Areas

3.1. The therapist agrees to Healper's Data Processing Agreement between Healper (Data Controller) and the Therapist (Data Processor), see Healper's Data Processing Agreement, as well as the Terms of Service for Therapists on the Healper Platform, see Healper's terms of service for therapists. Further, to have provided truthful information, exclusively performs work within and is accountable for the therapist's license or certification and liability insurance.

3.2. Therapists commit to performing therapy in accordance with the current rules of the respective professional associations and relevant authorities including the Danish Psychological Association, the Psychology Board/Ankestyrelsen, the Danish Psychotherapist Association, the Association of Danish Psychotherapists, and the Health Authority.

a) The Therapist is obliged to register and keep a journal of each course and every consultation in Healper's journal system. Regardless of the Therapist's license, certification, or liability insurance, the Therapist must follow the rules about authorized psychologists' duty to keep orderly records according to the Psychology Law and Healper's guidelines.

b) Likewise, it is the Therapist's responsibility to ensure that all their clients are informed about and have accepted Healper's Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.

c) It is the Therapist's responsibility to ensure that all services are billed correctly and participate in the collection of payment immediately after each session.

3.3. Therapists are not employees of Healper but are subcontractors of therapeutic services for Healper.

3.4. The User acknowledges that Healper does not guarantee to predict or assess the therapeutic effect. The User takes full responsibility for the decision to access and interact with a Healper Therapist.

3.5. When the User has chosen their preferred Healper Therapist on the Website, the User will have the opportunity to submit reservation requests for a consultation, webinar, or other session or service by choosing to proceed. Note that it is important for the User to check the information they have entered and correct any errors before proceeding.

3.6. If the User at any time, before choosing to proceed, decides that they do not want to continue with an order, the User should simply close the application window.

3.7. Upon receipt of a booking request, Healper will begin processing the request for therapy, consultation, webinar, session, or other service with the selected Therapist and will send the User an email that the reservation or order has been received, and the User will receive confirmation when payment is approved through Healper's payment partner.

3.8. If Healper facilitates contact between the User and Therapist, the two parties are obliged to pay for the said session through Healper and Healper's payment partner.

3.9. If the User's payment is not approved, neither Healper nor the Therapist is obligated to provide the services in question.

3.10. Be aware that once the User has made the request and the order confirmation is confirmed, if the User cancels the reservation, Healper may still charge a cancellation fee depending on the circumstances of the cancellation, including the timing of the cancellation and the value or nature of the session(s) involved.

3.11. Healper is committed to offering the User a secure system for communication with Healper Therapists. However, a Healper Therapist or Healper employee may be allowed or required to break confidentiality if the User is in such a mental or emotional state that they are a danger to themselves or others, following applicable ethical and legal requirements for the respective service. The Therapist and Healper, for example, may be subject to a duty to report suspicion of abuse or neglect of children. The User should consult the Therapist regarding the specific limitations that the Therapist is subject to concerning confidentiality. Healper is further committed to working with law enforcement agencies and may be compelled to provide information through an investigation.

3.12. The Therapist is not allowed to receive, process, store sensitive personal information on the User outside of Healper. Healper is not liable for sensitive personal information exchanged between User and Therapist outside of Healper's operations.

4. Feedback

4.1. Healper may provide a feedback and testimonial system, which is a forum for the User to express their opinion about Therapists, therapy, and therapeutic progress. The User is asked to exercise caution, tact, and good judgment when providing feedback to ensure accuracy and avoid misuse of the system.

4.2. The User commits not to do anything that may devalue the feedback and testimonial system used to ensure feedback.

4.3. Healper does not investigate the accuracy of the feedback nor censors comments, but Healper has the right to delete feedback, e.g., in situations where feedback (a) includes sensitive personal information, (b) is made by a Therapist to promote themselves, (c) is made by a fictitious User, or (d) includes content that is prohibited according to section 4.2

4.4. Healper has the right to modify feedback and testimonials if there is suspicion of spelling, typographical errors, and similar communicative errors.

5. Complaints

5.1. Customer service is extremely important to Healper, and in case the User is dissatisfied with a therapy session facilitated via this Website, the User is able to submit a formal complaint. Note that any complaint must be submitted in writing by contacting support@healper.dk. Provide the full details required by Healper to substantiate the claim, including date, payment method, and information about the relevant Therapist.

5.2. Any complaints must be submitted within 24 hours after the end date of the respective dissatisfying session to be a valid complaint, and to give Healper and the Therapist the opportunity to respond to the complaint. if a complaint is filed later than 24 hours after the session took place, the complaint is considered submitted too late, and thus neither Healper nor the Therapist is obligated to respond to the late submitted complaint.

5.3. Healper will immediately investigate any timely submitted complaints and notify the User of the outcome of the investigation without undue delay using the preferred expressed method of communication.

5.4. Healper may, at its discretion, choose to remove a Therapist subject to a complaint following the conclusion of an investigation.

6. Prices and Payments

6.1. Prices may change on a daily basis. The stated prices include VAT (or similar taxes), where applicable, depending on the locality of the User and the locality of the Therapist.

6.2. The User is responsible for full payment for any session or other services provided using Healper. If Healper seeks that the ordered service should be paid for by insurance companies or health plans, the User is responsible for this themselves. The User is, in any case, responsible for full payment for all Healper video sessions, face-to-face sessions, and other related services provided using Healper.

6.3. Healper contains a large number of services, and it is possible that some of the services may be mispriced. If the correct price for an order is higher than the price stated on the Website, Healper will usually contact the User before the respective consultation takes place. Healper is not obligated to ensure that the consultation is provided to the User at the incorrect lower price, or to compensate the User for incorrect pricing. However, Healper strongly recommends that the Therapist shows the correct prices and takes responsibility for errors in pricing.

6.4. Payment must be made with credit or debit cards or other payment methods made available by Healper.

6.5. A discount may apply if the User uses a promotional code recognized by the Website and accepted by Healper, or in cases where Healper offers a discount for online booking and payment, or in cases where a Therapist offers a special discount on online video sessions to a specific User.

6.6. Note that there may occasionally be delays in processing payments and transactions. In very rare cases, this can take up to sixty (60) days to withdraw from your bank account or credit card.

6.7. If you have purchased a subscription from Healper, we will automatically bill on a monthly or annual basis until you cancel your subscription with us.

6.8. The Therapist is responsible for setting the price and conditions such as cancellation deadline and terms for any service.

6.9. The User is responsible for complying with the conditions of the purchased service.

7. Licenses and Copyright

7.1. The User is permitted to print and download extracts from this Website for their own use on the following basis: a) No documents or related graphics on this Website are modified; b) No graphics on this Website are used separately from accompanying text; and c) Our copyright and trademark notices and this permission notice appear in all copies.

7.2. Unless otherwise stated, copyright and other intellectual property rights in all material on this Website (including without limitation photographs and graphic images) are owned by Healper, the Therapists, or Healper's licensors (the one who has issued the intellectual right, remains the owner thereof). In connection with these terms, any commercial use of extracts from this Website, other than in accordance with section 7.1, is not allowed. If the User violates any of the conditions in this legal notice, permission to use Healper automatically ceases without further notice, and the User must immediately destroy any downloaded or printed extracts from Healper.

7.3. Apart from as stated in section 7.1, no part of this Healper may be reproduced or stored on another Website or included in any public or private electronic retrieval system or service without prior written permission from Healper.

7.4. Including, the User may not export, extract, or otherwise collect content from the Website for any purpose other than in connection with the services. As an example, but not limited to, the User may not: (i) index, store, or rehost content from the Website; (ii) mass-download content from the website; (iii) copy and store the Website's location maps.

7.5. All rights to other intellectual objects not expressly stated in these terms are reserved by Healper.

8. Service Access

8.1. Healper always tries to ensure that this Website is normally available twenty-four (24) hours a day, but Healper is not responsible if the Website is unavailable at any time or for any period.

8.2. Access to this Website may be temporarily suspended and without notice.

8.3. If the User and Therapist are unable to complete a booked online video session, written conversation, or other related services online due to the Website being unavailable, Healper will endeavor to reschedule the online video session, the written conversation, or other related services online with the same therapist. If rescheduling is not possible, the User receives a full refund for all sessions interrupted by the unavailability of the website.

9. Links to and from Other Websites

9.1. Links to third-party websites on this Website are provided solely for the User's convenience. If a User uses these links, they leave this Website. Healper has not reviewed all of these third-party websites extensively and does not control them (and is not responsible for these websites or their content and availability). Healper does not endorse or represent third-party websites, materials, or the results of using them. If the User decides to access any of the third-party websites linked to on the Website, the User does so entirely at their own risk.

9.2. Users may link to this website, provided they do so in good faith and legally, which does not damage Healper's reputation or in any way take advantage of it unless agreed in writing by Healper. Users do not create a link from a website not owned by them or in a way that suggests a form of affiliation with or endorsement from Healper where none exists. The website from which users link must comply with the content standards described in these terms. Healper has the right to withdraw the link permission at any time.

10. Disclaimer

10.1. While Healper strongly tries to ensure that the information on this Website is correct, we do not promise that they are correct or complete. Healper may make changes to the material on this Website or to the services and prices described on it at any time and without notice. The material on the Website may be outdated, and Healper does not commit to updating this material.

10.2. The material on this Website is provided without any conditions, warranties, or other terms. Healper provides the User the website on the basis that we exclude, to the maximum extent permitted by law, all representations, warranties, conditions, and other terms (including all conditions implied by law but which for these terms may apply in relation to the Website).

10.3. The User and Therapists are responsible for the security of the passwords they use to register on the Website. Healper strongly advises not to use the Website on public computers.

10.4. It is noted that any transfer of data to the Website is at the User's own risk.

10.5. Should the Danish and English versions of these terms have any form of discrepancy in their meanings, the Danish version will be considered as being the prevailing one.

11. Liability

In the event of any defects in the delivered service or purchased product, Healper commits to refunding the payment or offering a replacement session or a replacement product of equivalent or higher quality. Healper reserves the right to choose the most appropriate solution.

Healper assumes responsibility for losses resulting from defects in Healper's services or products, in accordance with applicable law. However, Healper is not responsible for indirect losses, and any liability for compensation is limited to the amount the User has paid Healper within the last 12 months from the event of damage.

Nothing in this disclaimer is intended to limit Healper's liability that follows from mandatory provisions in applicable law.

12. Termination

12.1. Healper may at its discretion terminate or suspend the User and Therapist's right to use the Website and the use of the services immediately by notifying in writing (including via email) if the User or Therapist substantially breaches these conditions. As an example, not considered exhaustive - if Healper has sufficient concern that the User or Therapist is in violation of section 9.2 (Links to and from other websites).

12.2. Upon termination or suspension, the User or Therapist must immediately delete any downloaded or printed extracts from the website.

13. Additional Terms

13.1. Healper is committed to protecting your privacy and security. All personal data that we collect from the User and Therapist of the Website are processed in accordance with our privacy policy. The User and Therapist should review our privacy policy and data processing agreement, terms by this reference and are available here (privacy policy) and here (data processing agreement).

13.2. The User and Therapist commit not to use the website for any purpose that would be in violation of any law, impersonate another person, or engage in any other behavior that, in Healper's opinion, inhibits or limits others from using and enjoying the services available on the Website.

13.3. Any failure or delay from the User or Healper in enforcing (wholly or in part) a provision in these terms will not be interpreted as a waiver of the rights or remedies described above.

13.4. The User and Therapists may not transfer any of the rights or obligations under these Terms without prior written consent from Healper. Healper is entitled to assign its rights and obligations to a third party if this third party joins the obligations under these terms.

13.5. Headings in these Terms are only included to make them easier to read and do not affect their interpretation.

13.6. These Terms constitute the entire agreement and understanding between the Parties regarding the matters dealt with therein and supersede, cancel, and terminate all previous agreements between the Parties concerning such matters, even if the terms of such previous agreements or provisions are expressed as if they would continue in force after the expiry of the agreement.

13.7. If a provision in these Terms (wholly or in part) is deemed to be illegal, invalid, or unenforceable by a territorial and professionally competent court, the remaining terms of the agreement still have full legal effect and effect.

14. Amendment of Terms

14.1. Healper reserves the right to change and update these terms at any time. If the changes alter the User's legal position, Healper will notify the Users of the relevant changes. If the User continues to use the services offered by Healper 30 days after the User has received notification of the changes, the Use is deemed to have accepted the updated terms.

14.2. Notification of changes to terms is given to the User on the Website and via email to the email address provided by the User.

15. Laws and Jurisdictions

15.1. These terms are subject to Danish law and shall be interpreted accordingly.

15.2. Any dispute between the Parties regarding these terms, which cannot be resolved amicably, shall be decided by the Copenhagen City Court. If the dispute involves a User, the User may alternatively choose that the dispute be decided by the User's local court.
15.3. In the event of any discrepancies or conflicts between the Danish and English versions of these terms, the Danish version shall prevail. This ensures that the interpretation and enforcement of these terms are governed by Danish law, reflecting the original language and legal framework intended by Healper.