Looking for a free psychologist? Find them here!

You can get free therapy if you are between 18-21 years old, have anxiety or depression, and have a doctors referral.

Viser psykologer der hjælper en klient

Good psychologists you can trust

It is difficult to find the right psychologist. Here, you are matched for free with some of the best psychologists in Denmark.

Good psychologists
you can trust

Finding the right psychologist is difficult. Here, you are matched for free with some of the best psychologists in Denmark, completely free.

Simple and safe

A simple,
good matching

At Healper, you don’t have to use hours finding therapy in Copenhagen. After 5 minutes of questions, we can find the therapist for you, who has a great chance of creating a therapeutic alliance, so you can address your challenge together.

Always free to find
your psychologist

It will always be free to find a psychologist here. Healper was founded be psychologists and patients, who together tries to solve the mental health crisis. We start by helping you find the right psychologist with a free matching.

Completely anonymous
and safe

We understand that mental health can be demanding to talk about without a safe space. Healper will not sell your data to third parties, and communication between you and your psychologist is reliable and anonymous with end-to-end encryption. safe

Psychologists for every challenge and free therapy

Healper is founded to give everyone access to the therapy they need.
We help you find the right psychologist, who can help you reach better mental health.

Healper helps people

Healpers mission is to give everyone access to the psychologist who is best for them. The psychologists are in every large city of Denmark, and you can get help anywhere, anytime.

Psychologists you can match with in Denmark