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Here you can be matched with a good psychologist in Copenhagen for anxiety, depression, stress and more.

Viser psykologer der hjælper en klient

Psychologists in Copenhagen you can trust

Finding the right psychologist is difficult. Here, you are matched with some of the best psychologists in Denmark, completely free.

Good psychologists
you can trust

Finding the right psychologist is difficult. Here, you are matched with some of the best psychologists in Denmark, completely free.

Simple, safe & free

A simple,
good matching

At Healper, you don’t have to spent hours finding therapy in Copenhagen. After 5 minutes of questions, we can find the therapist for you, who has a great chance of creating a therapeutic alliance, so you can address your challenge together.

Always free to find
your psychologist

It will always be free to find a psychologist here. Healper was founded by psychologists and patients, who together tries to solve the mental health crisis. We start by helping you find the right psychologist with a free matching.


Completely anonymous
and safe

We understand that mental health can be demanding to talk about without a safe space. Healper will not sell your data to third parties, and communication between you and your psychologist is reliable and anonymous with end-to-end encryption.

Psychologists in Copenhagen for every challenge

Healper is founded to give everyone access to the therapy they need.
We help you find the right psychologist, who can help you reach better mental health.

Healper helps people

Healpers mission is to give everyone access to the psychologist who is best for them. The psychologists are in every large city of Denmark, and you can get help anywhere, anytime.

Psychologists you can match with in Denmark

Frequently asked questions

It is difficult finding a good psychologist in Copenhagen who fits your mental health needs. Healper’s mission is to make the process of finding the best therapy for your mental health challenge easy, free, and anonymous. When finding a match on Healper, you can specify all your preferences for a psychologist, the most important being your personal challenge. Wether you want therapy for stress, anxiety, depression or something else, you will be able to find a good psychologist, who can help.

In our free and anonymous matching, you can choose how far you are willing to travel to see a psychologist. You can find therapy near you, no matter if it should be at Nørrebro, Østerbro, Hellerup, etc. If you want, you can also find psychologists in nearby cities such as Frederiksberg or Gentofte. Click here to find your psychologist.

If you are not looking for psychological help but rather just general guidance, you can read more about better mental health and quality of life at the municipality of Copenhagens website.

In Copenhagen, you can find psychological help for most mental health challenges. There are many great private and publicly supported practitioners in the capital of Denmark. You, therefore, have a good chance of being able to find the right therapy for you.

As a senior, you can be offered up to eight therapy sessions in Copenhagen if you need to talk about loneliness or general mental health issues.

You can also find free psychological help for anxiety or depression if you are a young adult and have a doctors referral for a public psychologist. Be mindful that there may be longer waiting periods here as opposed to private psychologists who can typically start therapy within a week.

If you don’t know what help you should be looking for, please contact your general practitioner, tell them about your mental health challenge, and let them guide you.

At Healper, we want to find the best help for you, no matter if it is on our site or not. Besides our matching service for finding a great psychologist, you can in Copenhagen find free therapy and other offers for bettering your mental health. Here is some of them:

As a woman, you can find free psychological counselling at the amazing organisation called Brunhilde.

You can also find help at studenterrådgivningens open stress groups, where students find free psychological guidance for the stress of everyday life.

Young individuals can find free psychological assistance at Psykologisk Samtalecenter regarding couples therapy, exam anxiety, and more.

There is also mental health support online. You can reach out to Ungdommens Røde Kors, where young individuals can have anonymous conversations about life’s challenges.

The best psychologist for you is someone you feel is trustworthy, open, and has experience with your mental health challenge. We have made it easier than ever to find an experienced psychologist who has a good chance of being a good match for you.