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FAQ - For Clients

Healper is a mental health network that matches you with the psychologist who fits you and your needs. Based on a series of questions, you will be matched with the most appropriate psychologist in your area. In a few minutes you can book an appointment with an authorized psychologist and get help to tackle the challenges you face. Healper gives you the opportunity to get help right when you need it.

Press ‘Find match’ and begin answering the questionnare. Once your answers are given, you will be shown three psychologists who we believe have the best abilities to help you. Choose one of these and go to their profile where you, among other things, can get to know the psychologist. Here you can also book and pay for your first session, and get the help you need with the psychologist for you.

If you already know a psychologist, who you would like to book an appointment with and therefore do not need matching, you can easily search for their profile on Google and book an appointment by searching  “(psychologist’s name) – Healper”.

Our matching algorithm compares your answers to our questionnaire with the answers from a similar questionnaire completed by the psychologists.

The questionnaire can be divided into the following sub-areas:

  • Your challenge
  • Your personality
  • Your desired relationship with your psychologist
  • Demographic preferences
  • Want for price and availability


The matching process allows you to find the psychologist who fits with you and your needs the most. It is worthy to know that some sub-areas will weigh higher than others, adjusted according to what creates the best chemistry between you and the psychologist.

Yes, it is free to be matched at Healper and it always will be!

Psychologists do not have fixed prices. Therefore, we recommend that you take our matching form here to see what is right for you. The price you have to pay varies, but is typically within three categories:

1) Psychologist through a doctor’s referral, costs DKK 419.58 for the first consultation and DKK 349.87 for the subsequent ones (prices valid from 1.10. 2020). Unfortunately, you can risk a relatively long wait. In 2019, the average waiting time was 6 months in the Copenhagen area and 12 weeks nationwide. Furthermore, there are only a limited number of psychologists who can offer this.

2) A private psychologist costs around 1,000 per session, if you are a member of Health Insurance Denmark, you can save between 200-300 DKK per session. click here for the specific saving option. The good thing about private psychologists is that you can choose freely, and there is usually no or very short waiting time.

Read more (danish) https://www.sygeforsikring.dk/tilskud/psykologhjaelp

3) If you have health insurance, you can usually get between 4-10 sessions for free. Your health insurance can either be through your pension company, employer or your private insurance etc. To see your specific options, you will need to research your options and rules with your specific health insurance company. If you think this is important for our function then we would very much like to hear from you. Write to Andreas at aabo@healper.dk

In Denmark, you have the option of having 60% of your psychologist’s costs covered by selected psychologists (extension number psychologists) if you belong to one of the following groups:

  1. Robbery, rape and rape victims
  2. Traffic and accident victims
  3. Relatives of the seriously mentally ill
  4. Persons suffering from severe debilitating disease
  5. Relatives of people affected by severe debilitating illness
  6. Relatives in case of death
  7. People who have attempted suicide
  8. Women who have a provoked abortion during pregnancy after the 12th week of pregnancy
  9. Persons who, before the age of 18, have been victims of incest or other sexual assault
  10. People over 18 with mild to moderate depression (read below about free treatment for young people between 18 and 25 years)
  11. People over the age of 18 with mild to moderate anxiety (read below about free psychological treatment for young people between the ages of 18 and 25)


It is your doctor – or a doctor on duty – who must refer you to psychologist treatment with a public subsidy. For some of the groups, there are rules for how long it may have been before your doctor referred. Talk to your doctor about whether you can get a subsidy.

If you suffer from anxiety or depression, you can get free psychological treatment as an 18-25 year old. Read more about the rules for subsidy grants here.

A doctor’s referral is made automatically through your doctor. You can sort the psychologists through our questionnaire to find the psychologists who suit you, here.

If you have ‘Sundhedsforskring Danmark’, you can apply for a subsidy for psychological help from Danish authorized psychologists, if you have mental illnesses that are covered by the referral reasons 1-11 in the Executive Order on subsidies for psychological treatment in the practice sector for particularly vulnerable groups. If yue you below 18 years old, you can get psychological treatment for mental disorders that are not covered by referral reasons 1-11, cf. above.

If you have another health insurance, the insurance conditions in relation to psychological help are stated by your insurance policy. It is also stated in the insurance policy how many psychologist interviews your health insurance covers.

If in doubt, we recommend that you contact your insurance company.

There are no requirements for booking a psychologist.

Typically, psychologists require that you cancel no later than 24 hours before your session starts, but this can vary. Therefore, you should research the policies of the individual psychologist by checking their profile or by contacting them. You should be aware that there will typically be a fee for late cancellations.

We can find a new psychologist for you immediately by clicking here.

You can also write an email or call us on 30 32 79 97.

It all happens automatically via your credit card. The amount will be reserved two days before the session but will not be deducted until after the session.

Your data will only be available to Healper and your psychologist to a limited extent. Before we pass on information to your psychologist, you will be informed and your consent must be given first. We do not sell your data to any third party and will never do so.

Healper, helps you find the right psychologist within a few minutes. We give you the opportunity to be matched with the psychologist who fits you. It has never been easier to find the right psychologist for you.

Contact us

Please contact us at + 45 30 32 79 97 or email aabo@healper.dk, if you have further questions. We are available from 9-16 Mon-Fri.